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By Alan Knee

Capitol Repertory Theatre,  Albany NY / Merrimack Rep, Lowell MA

Directed by Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill

Choreography by Adam Pelty

Cast - Stacey Harris and Adam Pelty

Set - Roman Tatarowicz

Costumes - Thom Heyer

Lighting - Stephen Quandt

“The choreography and execution of it by Pelty and Harris is nothing short of breathtaking.”




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“Pelty's choreography of ballroom dances -- everything from tangos and fox trots to waltzes and the Castle Walk -- adds enormously to the play. We watch as he bounds energetically around the stage as Henry makes up his own dances, demonstrates the way other partners move (his imitation of Irish step-dancing is priceless), and takes the audience into his confidence... his commitment to his dream of fame is irresistible.”

Boston Globe

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